Sustainable Design

Sustainable buildings are designed to reduce the negative impact on the environment and occupant health and comfort. Sustainable design can be achieved through careful planning for site use, energy consumption, material selection, conserve resources, improved indoor environment, and maintenance practices. Our key to success is to use an integrated team approach involving the architect, engineer, and owner to ensure the building meets the owner’s requirements and satisfies all of the performance goals while reducing the owner’s energy footprint and building costs.


Kerr-Greulich Engineers, Inc. can support your project through sustainable design by offering the following services:


  • Energy Star Compliance Documentation
  • EPACT Modeling
  • Evaluate site potential as it relates to energy use and water consumption
  • Whole building energy modeling to evaluate where energy is being consumed so the design can focus on reductions that meet the sustainable objectives
  • Evaluate cost versus impact for sustainable design options such as green roofs, water reclamation, geothermal HVAC and solar hot water systems
  • Improve air quality with underfloor air distribution system
  • Facilitate LEED ® projects as the managing accredited professional
  • Provide designs that meet and enhance LEED ® objectives in mechanical and electrical systems
  • In existing buildings and newly constructed facilities, we can measure and assess usage to verify sustainable goals and objectives are being met
  • Energy Modeling and Life Cycle Cost Analysis.
  • Commissioning
  • LEED ® documentation