Fire Protection and Life Safety

When it comes to Fire Protection and Life Safety, the team at Kerr-Greulich Engineers is dedicated to providing timely, cost-effective, and value-added solutions that mitigate budget and schedule risk. We work closely with the AEC team and fire protection authorities to incorporate the most up-to-date protective and safety equipment to comply with regulations. As a result, buildings are better coordinated, code-compliant, safer, more functional, and – because the engineering solutions allow for flexibility in design – more beautiful.


Performance-based Fire Protection Design

Some buildings are unique and require special planning in order to meet life safety objectives because prescriptive building codes can limit the owner or architect’s freedom to design. However, in these situations, our firm can provide a “performance-based design” in which fire protection engineers use scientific research along with the latest fire and egress modeling technologies to provide a building design that meets the life safety expectations of building owners, fire departments, and authorities having jurisdiction.


Life Safety

Our firm provides building and fire code consulting services to architects and building owners to incorporate code-compliant solutions into building design. We can work with architects to provide means of egress analyses and building life safety summaries. We have experience in challenging building features such as large atriums and high-rise structures to provide safe designs with aesthetics in mind.


Fire Suppression

Properly designed and maintained fire suppression systems have high-reliability rates and can control a fire until firefighters arrive to completely extinguish the fire. Our firm helps to provide building owners with fire suppression systems that best suit their needs, such as:


  • Wet-pipe, Dry-pipe, Pre-action, Deluge, and Antifreeze sprinkler systems
  • Fire pump systems
  • Clean agent suppression systems
  • Low-expansion and High-expansion foam systems
  • Standpipe systems and hose connections
  • On-site water storage tanks

Fire Alarm and Mass Notification

The earlier building occupants are notified of a fire or emergency situation, the more time they have to escape. Our firm provides designs for fire alarm and mass notification systems. We keep up with the latest detection and notification technologies to plan for designs such as early warning smoke detection systems and emergency voice communication systems.