Wild Turkey – Visitor’s Center

Wild Turkey – Visitor’s Center

Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

Images Provided by de Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop



Kerr-Greulich Engineers, Inc. enjoyed working with Wild Turkey on the design of their Visitor’s Center located in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. The Wild Turkey Visitor’s Center is a 5,000 square foot building designed to be the showpiece of Wild Turkey bourbon and a direct point of interaction with consumers.


Primary points of concern for this project included cost reduction, minimized energy consumption, occupancy comfort, and building aesthetics. Kerr-Greulich Engineers worked closely with architects to bring together a unique vision on this project that included open ceilings, hidden mechanical and electrical systems, and aesthetically pleasing light designs, all while successfully maintaining minimized cost and energy consumption. All mechanical and electrical systems are hidden, so as not to detract from the architectural beauty of the facility.

  • Systems designed to recognize energy savings as well as initial cost savings
  • All mechanical and electrical systems hidden from view with the open ceiling design
  • Truly exceptional light design; a combination of decorative fixtures, recessed fixtures, and up-lighting
  • Dedicated outside air unit limits humidity and energy consumption of the building while improving ventilation