Multiple Locations

“Special care in every aspect of the design…”


Springstone, Inc. provides high-quality treatment services to individuals and families suffering from mental illness. It is common for these types of facilities to feel “institutional”. Springstone, Inc. has taken great measures to remove that feeling while providing quality care at a reasonable cost.


These facilities range in size from 55,000 square feet to 75,000 square feet. Each facility was designed as a psychiatric hospital and complies with current codes including the “FGI – Health Care Facility Design and Construction Guidelines” and the “NAPHS – Design Guide for the Built Environment of Behavioral Health Facilities” as well as local building code requirements.

  • Variable air volume air handling equipment with constant and variable air volume terminals are used to condition the buildings and provide the required ventilation and air changes to each space
  • Optimization of the electrical design to reduce the total load required to be on an emergency power back-up. This allows a smaller generator size and creates a more power-efficient building
  • Low water use plumbing fixtures throughout to conserve water, while total fixtures in the building were reduced to minimize cost
  • Facilities are designed as psychiatric hospitals; special care is taken with every aspect of the MEP design to minimize hazards and promote patient safety