Maker’s Mark Distillery – Welcome Center

Maker’s Mark Distillery – Welcome Center

Bardstown, Kentucky



Kerr-Greulich Engineers, Inc. had the exciting opportunity to work with Maker’s Mark on their Welcome Center for The Maker’s Mark Distillery. As a destination of nearly 100,000 people annually, Kerr-Greulich Engineers Inc. designs for this project were made with crowd size, occupancy comfort, and aesthetics as top priorities.


The project consisted of converting a pre-existing, two-story, historic home into the new Welcome Center for the distillery. This was achieved through the expansion of the home by a large addition, and renovations made to the already existing building. Additions made to the building nearly doubled the size of the existing facility and included unique attractions for tourists to indulge. The addition included a large, glass observatory for retail sales, along with designs for an area designated for visitors to create a red wax seal in the way which it is created in the actual distillery.

  • Restroom facilities designed to handle large crowds for tours and events
  • Attractive new lighting designed and installed for the Welcome Center’s exhibit and retail spaces
  • Redesign of HVAC system to meet energy codes
  • HVAC designs specifically made for the large glass observatory area