JCPS – Boiler/Chiller Replacements

JCPS – Boiler/Chiller Replacements

Various Locations - Louisville, Kentucky



Kerr-Greulich Engineers, Inc. was honored to be selected to design for updates and replacements to multiple boiler and chiller systems in the Jefferson County Public School district. JCPS provides high education for more than 100,000 students in Kentucky. Their mission is to challenge and engage each learner to grow through effective teaching and meaningful experience within caring, supportive environments. KGEI takes interest in the students of our community and their environment, specifically involving comfort in their primary learning environments.


Each project includes a thorough investigation of the existing systems, as well as client use in order to establish a clear understanding of mechanical and electrical configurations, space limitations, and opportunities. Building heating and cooling load calculations are performed to determine current plant capacity needs.

  • A thorough investigation of existing systems
  • Building heating and cooling calculations performed to determine specific plant capacity needs
  • Plant piping reworked to allow modulating system flow for better performance, efficiency, and comfort
  • High-efficiency chillers and boilers used during plant upgrades provide maximum occupancy comfort while ensuring efficient energy usage