Four Roses Visitor Center

Four Roses Visitor Center

Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

“…double the distillery’s visitor capacity while offering guests a more interactive experience…”


The visitor center at Four Roses Distillery provides the potential to double the distillery’s visitor capacity while offering guests a more interactive experience, including the opportunity to learn about the history of the brand and its unique approach to bourbon making.


Several aspects of the project required creative engineering. With all wood construction, including exposed wood beams and high ceilings, the Kerr-Greulich team was challenged with concealing the MEP as much as possible. In addition, the building was located on an open crawl space, requiring unique heating and sprinkler solutions.


Once construction was substantially complete, the owner was experiencing humidity issues throughout the space. In order to determine the cause, our team tested the new systems, confirming proper installation and verifying that the building envelope was properly insulated. This helped the owner to determine the cause for the excessive humidity.

  • The building is combustible construction and is fully sprinklered per NFPA 13 requirements. There is a wet system inside the building, as well as the attic and crawl space. The porch areas are covered with dry heads.
  • Restroom water closet flush valves and faucets are sensor operated.
  • The roof is drained by primary and secondary roof drains.
  • The building is designed with a variable air volume roof top unit to provide independent heating/cooling and to provide comfort flexibility from low occupancy to high occupancy events.
  • The building is pressurized with fresh air to reduce infiltration from tours entering the tasting rooms from the covered porch.
  • Building power is obtained from private primary and pad-mounted transformer.