The Healing Place

South Central Regional Library
September 14, 2017
TARC – Union Station
September 14, 2017

The Healing Place

  • DateSeptember 14, 2017
The Healing Place – Men’s Campus
Louisville, Kentucky

The Men’s Campus of the Healing Place provides resources to men in need of addiction recovery services. The non-profit organization currently serves 700 men and women daily struggling to overcome drug and alcohol addictions. To help address the community’s growing substance abuse challenges, their organization is in the process of expanding. The addition will add 200 beds to the long-term facility while doubling the number of beds in the detox facility. There will also be a new administration building. Kerr-Greulich Engineers, Inc. is honored to assist in this much needed project. During construction, the facility is expected to operate at full capacity.

Highlights of KGEI’s design include:

  • The facility is designed as a rehabilitation center; special care given in every aspect of the M/E/P design to minimize hazards and promote patient safety.
  • Wet pipe fire protection sprinkler system.
  • Dedicated outdoor air unit with energy recovery utilization to transfer heat from the exhaust air stream to the outside air stream to maximize efficiency.
  • Water source heat pump system utilizing high efficiency condensing boilers and cooling tower for heat rejection.
  • Drain down tank specified to avoid energy use for heat trace.
  • Gas fired domestic hot water recirculation system.
  • Lighting control system to maximize controllability and efficiencies.
  • CCTV, access control and fire alarm infrastructure provided.