Speed Art Museum

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September 28, 2015
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September 28, 2015

Speed Art Museum

  • DateSeptember 28, 2015
The Speed Art Museum – North Addition and Central Utility Building
Louisville, Kentucky

The Speed Art Museum has embarked on a major expansion and renovation of its facilities, encompassing approximately 75,000 square feet of new interior and exterior space. Growing out of the Museum’s long-range master planning process, the Speed Museum commissioned wHY Architecture and K. Norman Berry Associates for the project. The design includes the construction of a north addition, some existing building renovation and a central utility building, both of which will link directly to the Museum’s existing structure. The new structure to the north addition building is designed to be largely transparent, with large glass curtain walls. The project will also feature a new art park and public piazza on the six acre site.

Highlights of KGEI’s design include:

  • Mechanical and electrical systems designed to support state-of-the-art museum and LEED requirements.
  • Two story central utility building.
  • Fire protection wet system.
  • Water cooled chillers/tower, boilers and steam generators.
  • Emergency power system via a natural gas generator.
  • Exterior water feature design with artwork.
  • HVAC building automation with remote access capabilities.
  • Lighting and shade control building automation with remote access capabilities.
  • Daylight sensing and automatic dimming controls.
  • Control sub-systems fully integrated with owner security system.
  • Fully commissioned, as well as the commissioning of the adjacent existing campus buildings.
  • Campus style telecommunications pathway infrastructure.