Standing Out as a Professional

In an engineering firm, professionalism is key to earning the trust of clients. Professional engineers are hired because of a distinct skillset earned through years of education and experience. Professional engineering firms provide skills and consulting services, and clients trust them for advice and guidance. Often, professional engineers are advising clients on decisions that cost … Continue reading “Standing Out as a Professional”

Kerr-Greulich Engineers, Inc.’s Projects Recognized in AIA Kentucky 2018 Awards

Four of Kerr-Greulich Engineers, Inc.’s projects won 2018 Awards for Excellence in Architectural Design from AIA Kentucky. The Honor Awards recognize architecture designed by Kentucky architects that demonstrate design excellence while promoting awareness and appreciation of the diversity, quality, and score of Kentucky architecture.   South Central Regional Library won the Honor Award for new … Continue reading “Kerr-Greulich Engineers, Inc.’s Projects Recognized in AIA Kentucky 2018 Awards”

Why Hire an Engineer?

Why hire an engineer? Are they necessary? The answer is, not so simple at times. Law stipulates that a professional must design certain projects — healthcare facilities, high-hazard buildings, and buildings that have an occupancy of more than 100 people, to name a few. Aside from specific project types, an engineer is not required by … Continue reading “Why Hire an Engineer?”

Old Forester Distillery – The Importance of Collaboration

The recently completed Old Forester Distillery is a testament to the need for collaboration throughout the design and construction process. This project combines historical construction, customer experience, sophisticated industrial processes, sustainable design, and high hazard materials into one aesthetic package. There may not be another facility that combines the amount of technology, uses, processes, equipment, … Continue reading “Old Forester Distillery – The Importance of Collaboration”

Design Summary Data and what it means to building owners and occupants

As engineers, we must make assumptions and estimations as part of the design process. Unfortunately, we don’t always get to explain or discuss our assumptions with the people who are most affected by them. ASHRAE has laid out a few guidelines to help us keep similar assumptions throughout the industry. The Fundamentals Handbook published by … Continue reading “Design Summary Data and what it means to building owners and occupants”

Egress Model Video

Fire Protection Engineers use egress models to simulate occupants exiting a building during emergencies. The results are analyzed to determine the time required to evacuate buildings. This software allows engineers to evaluate building evacuation strategies and provides animated 3D results.