Paoli Fire Department

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September 28, 2015
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September 28, 2015

Paoli Fire Department

  • DateSeptember 28, 2015
Paoli Fire and Rescue
Paoli, Indiana

Paoli Fire and Rescue is now well equipped in terms of their new 8,200 square foot facility. It is staffed with approximately 15 volunteer firefighters. The fire station has four bays, as well as administration offices for personnel.

Highlights of KGEI’s design include:

  • Administrative area conditioned by gas furnace split systems. Furnaces and ducts are located in the attic space.
  • Apparatus room heated with gas fired unit heaters and ventilated with wall prop exhaust fans.
  • Restrooms and break room are fed by a central water heating system and master tempering valve with PEX manifolds and piping.
  • Bay area trench drain empties into an exterior oil interceptor.
  • Emergency eye wash located in the bay area.
  • Apparatus room equipped with energy efficient fluorescent high bay light fixtures.
  • Electrical design also included a package engine generator for specific operational loads.