Maker’s Mark Distillery – Welcome Center

Old Forester Distillery
March 30, 2018
Wild Turkey – Visitor’s Center
March 30, 2018

Maker’s Mark Distillery – Welcome Center

  • DateMarch 30, 2018
Maker’s Mark Distillery – Welcome Center
Bardstown, Kentucky

The Maker’s Mark Distillery is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest continually operating distillery in the world. The Distillery attracts nearly 100,000 visitors each year from around the world. Because of the amount of visitors, Maker’s found it crucial to renovate their Welcome Center.

The project consisted of the renovating an existing two-story historic home, expanding the home with a large addition, and converting the building into the new Welcome Center. Among the renovation, there was a specific area designed and designated for visitor’s to create a red wax seal to the way in which it was created in the actual distillery.

Highlights of KGEI’s design include:

  • The addition to the existing building more than doubled the size of the facility. The addition included a large, glass observatory for retail sales.
  • New restroom facilities to handle large crowds for tours and events were designed to the ADA standards for accessibility.
  • HVAC was designed specifically for the large glass observatory area to ensure occupant comfort. The HVAC system for the facility was redesigned and replaced due to accommodate the new use of the building and current energy codes.
  • Attractive new lighting designed and installed for the Center’s exhibit and retail spaces.